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Travel in Greece alone ?
...not anymore!
Meet Greek travellers and travel anywhere!








What is

What is is a community of people (mostly Greeks but not only) with common interest in travel and excursions.

Begun its operation in Greece on 2016 and now is availble and for anyone else that can read and write in English language.

If you wish to travel but you haven’t anyone to accompany you, gives you the opportunity to meet other travellers and - why not ?- travel with them all over the world

How does it work?

It has the easiest way you will ever find.

Sing up, set up your profile and describe the profile of person you wish to travel with. Add all the destinations you wish to visit and thats all! will promptly suggest to you as many of its members have common travel preferences.

Sign up in is a totally free and absolutely anonymous process. You are not required to state any personal information except your e-mail and your age.

Who is aimed to? is very simple to use and is aimed to all adults who have desire and interest in travelling.

A laptop, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection are the only accessories you'll need to start using it...

How it works
Sign up...

Only registered members are able to use Registration procedure is quite simple and it is only taking 1'.
Add the trips you made so far and the experience you have gained. Enrich every experience by uploading a photo of each trip.

In the same way, add all the destinations you would like to visit, and write your plans for each of these future trips. Finally tell us what type of traveller you are by answering our brief questionnaire.

Sharing your travel experiences is helping your future travel companion to make the right choice.

Get acquainted...

As you build your travelhut profile, the application automatically will suggests you other travellers with common travel destinations and travel preferences.

Choose from the suggested members, those you are interested in, view their travel profiles and if you think that he/she could become your future travel companion, suggest him/her to become friends or co-travellers to a destination.

Finally chat with your new friends in the live chat section.


In you have the opportunity to meet new friends, share your experiences, and travel with them anywhere in the world.

Read members stories and get ideas for new travel destinations.

Give to other members the opportunity to discover, through your own experiences, new destinations and why not? Travel to some of them! is a live travel experience ... discover it now!

Where do we travel?

Destinations in Greece

Destinations Worldwide

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Call center : +30 210-300 10 99
Operation hours 10:00 - 17:00 (MON-FRI)